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1. Okay, plan: let's look hot and dance like whores.
2. I just want to apologize for screaming when I saw you the other day. It's just that you looked really gross and I was high.
3. He was taking the caps off the spirit bottles and throwing them out the window so we'd have to finish them. Engineers have the best logic.
4. If I find out you're the one who re-pierced my navel I'm going to fuck your sister again
5. Next time I try to unbutton my R.A's shirt with my teeth please stop me
6. I don't know what kind of drugs you were on last night but you kept trying to highlight my face because you said I was important
7. Apparently I did my philosophy paper last night. It's not bad either.
8. All ten of us were sitting in his room with the lights off and staring at his colorful moving screensaver for two hours. That high.
9. Did you seriously make the punch out of vodka and food coloring?
10. I thought he was having a moral dilemma about the whole having a girlfriend thing.
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Minsoo is settng up various sheet music at the piano when the majority of the dance students enter. He hadn't been the first there - because there are always some dancers who just never seem to leave the studio day or night - but he'd also wanted to get himself settled before a crowd started building.

He realises as he glances to the quiet, extremely dedicated students on the sidelines who were already here and causing him no grief at all that he recognises one of them. From the coffee shop just a few days ago.

Of course fate would conspire to have them meet again when up until now Minsoo had never seen Jeongyeon before that he could recall. It's possible that he did around campus and it simply didn't stick with him because it was unimportant. He remembers now, though.

Well, no point acting like he's afraid of it. Minsoo straightens the sheet music on the stand and rises to walk over to where Jeongyeon is sat either stretching his legs or tying his shoelaces or something.

"Bae Jeongyeon," Minsoo says softly from above him. "We meet again."

Didn't need to call after all.
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Minsoo tries not to flinch visibly when the customer raises his voice and starts yelling at him. He looks down at the cup in his hand and focuses on writing the name on it instead. He's had years of practice at not letting stuff like this get to him but his stupid inner nature still always wants to prick tears at the corners of his eyes when aggression is turned on him. He's not going to kneel, or bare his neck, or any other submissive act. Not for something as mundane as this.

"Sir," he says once there's a moment's pause, "I read your order back to you and you told me it was correct. I did double check it with you to ensure we were providing you with the right drink."

"Well I wasn't listening!" The man retorts. "Why would I bother listening to something like that?!"

Yeah, why would you? Minsoo thinks to himself sourly. Not like I did it so that this sort of thing wouldn't have to happen.

And then he can feel the warning prickle in the air of another angry alpha, and he glances wide-eyed to the man in the queue behind his nasty customer.

Please don't make a scene, please don't do this to me. I'm just trying to get through my shift.


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